Well executed direct mail can still work

I don’t know about you but I still receive mountains of paper through my letter box each day. Virtually all of it is unsolicited and most is irrelevant, confusing or just plain dull. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to pick up a door drop that avoided all of the usual pitfalls. It was from a local pet shop and here is why I think it actually worked:

Good design – it was immediately obvious what the leaflet was about. Yes, it had lots of really simple and obvious (you might even say cheesy) images but that’s what you need when you only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention.

Relevant – since 1 in 2 households own a pet the leaflet had a 50:50 chance of hitting the right target! Plus, I live within a mile of the pet shop so I am pretty likely to fall into their target audience.

Clear call to action – the headline actually told me what to do. ‘Pop in and see us’. All the other contact information (website, email, ‘phone) was contained in the leaflet, but it is totally clear what they really want the reader to do.

Great offer – the leaflet contained a discount voucher. In fact there were actually four offers encouraging return visits to the pet shop.

Extra marketing value – the discount voucher allowed the pet shop to gather invaluable customer information (name, email, type of pet) which could be used for future marketing campaigns.

By following a few simple guidelines there is no reason why all marketing communications shouldn’t do a great job for you.

2 responses to “Well executed direct mail can still work

  1. Wow, good for them. I wonder who gives them marketing advice?

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