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Why low tech, traditional marketing methods still work

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve read that ‘traditional’ marketing techniques are dead. It would seem that if you don’t have an app, mobile website and a presence in every form of social media channel you must be doing something wrong. Last week I came across a company proving that simple, low tech marketing techniques are still very much alive.

I had arrived early for a meeting and, having a few minutes to kill, opted for a bit of window shopping. I was approached by lady carrying a tray of freshly baked cinnamon and sugar pretzels and, naturally, stopped to taste one. As I exclaimed: ‘ummm, it’s lovely’ the lady simply smiled, pointed in the direction of the outlet and handed me a sheet of discount coupons.

I didn’t give this a second thought until I emerged from my meeting feeling a little peckish. I fished out the sheet of coupons, selected the offer that was most appropriate, and duly went off to buy a pretzel.

From product sampling to buying in the space of 90 minutes – what would you give for a response like that?

Whilst this is a very specific example, the principles behind why this particular promotion worked are well worth exploring for your business:

  • Timing – when are your potential customers most receptive to trying or buying your particular product?
  • Opportunity – how can you get in front of your potential customers and give them the opportunity to trial your product?
  • Incentive – what can you do to encourage your customers to buy after they have tried your product?

If you can think through these questions, you may well be on the road to finding a simple marketing approach that will work wonders for your business.