How to combat buyer’s remorse

ID-10087370I’ve just bought a new car – a big purchase in most people’s eyes, and one which reminded me that buyer’s remorse – that awful feeling that you have just made a bad choice – can be a real issue in many markets. It wasn’t a rash decision by any means; my existing car was starting to show signs of trouble and I wanted to avoid it breaking down, and leaving me stranded, at all costs.  I did all the right things to make a good choice – decided what I needed, researched the market and checked out prices. I even had a pretty good sales experience as these things go. But still I had a minor ‘wobble’ when I agreed to the purchase.

If you are involved in selling high value, low-frequency items here are a few things you can do to help your buyers feel good about their purchases:

  • Simple proposition – make sure that your  customers are absolutely clear about what they are getting. This can be tricky when it comes to technical or high spec products  but it pays to spend the time explaining things properly.
  • Understand the customers reasons for buying –  and make sure that the product absolutely meets their needs. Don’t be tempted to sell extras or add-on’s for the sake of your margin, you could lose the sale altogether. If, through the sales process they raise any objections, make sure you handle them, otherwise they are likely to come back to haunt you.
  • Offer a cooling off period – for some types of sale eg distance selling and selling at home, a cooling off period must be given by law. Even if you aren’t legally obliged to offer customers the chance to cancel their order it can be good practice. What it does mean though is that you need plans in place to make sure you keep the order. I received  a follow-up call from the car dealer’s customer service team between signing and delivery which worked a treat.

One final note – once the sale is safely completed, remember to tell the marketing guys to remove the customers name from their ‘leads’ or ‘potential client’s database – an untimely e-shot, outlining the fabulous deals now available on the car you have just purchased, can bring back that feeling of buyer’s remorse all over again (Thank you Nissan!)


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