How can small businesses build their brands?

Super brandsI can understand why many small business owners believe that their brand is just another term for their logo. In fact, I tend to glaze over when terms such as brand essence and brand voice get bandied around by agencies. But, if as a business owner, you fail to recognise what branding is really all about you are almost certainly missing a trick.

When we talk about branding we tend to think of big companies with even bigger budgets; so what can small companies do to build their own brands?

I received a fantastic, yet stunningly simple, example of good branding from a small local company today in the form of a basic door drop. The leaflet invited me to an open day at a local bespoke curtain makers. Here’s why I thought it was so great in terms of branding:

  • The materials used for the invitation were in keeping with the brand – high quality card with a glossy laminate finish which oozed luxury
  • The images reflected the product – professional and creative images which shouted ‘attention to detail’
  • The overall design was clean and precise – much like the bespoke products they produce I expect
  • The message was confident and clear – we are here, come and meet us and look at our work
  • The trade body logo was displayed – telling me that they are serious about what they do.

By aligning every aspect of this simple piece of marketing material to their brand and really focusing on getting the detail right they have succeeded in getting their message across brilliantly.

It’s not often that a simple piece of card can actually give you confidence in a product before you have even seen it…I wonder if the open day will live up to expectations?

It doesn’t take any more money to create a great piece of marketing material that will really enhance your brand than  to create a mediocre piece. It does take time, thought and attention to detail though; but isn’t it worth it?


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