So what? The question you should always ask

I received a random email today from a design agency which, I assume, was touting for new business. I say assume…as I’m not really sure why they sent the communication to me or indeed what they wanted me to do having read it. 

The email contained a number of cryptic questions that, the writer told me, I should be asking myself about my business brand. The content didn’t give any real  insight or  offer to answer the questions for me; it didn’t even tell me where to go to get these questions answered. In short I was left wondering what the point was. I took the inevitable course of action and simply pressed the delete key.

As a business owner it is very easy to get caught up with your own  ‘story’ and forget to think from the readers perspective. Don’t  fall into the trap of  being too clever with your marketing messages; not everyone has the time or inclination to guess what on the earth you are talking about. There is no doubt that a well thought through ‘teaser’ campaign can work but, generally speaking, it’s best to keep your message simple and clear.

A simple way to review the clarity of your marketing message is to put yourself in your customers shoes and ask yourself …what does the message really mean for me? If you can’t answer the ‘so what?’ question then I’m pretty sure that your potential customers will be thinking the same and will probably consigning your message to the bin.

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