The spirit of Christmas marketing

My Christmas shopping this year has been characterised by the daily knock of the postman bringing a steady stream of brown parcels. 90% of them have something in common; the name emblazoned on the side of the box. To me it says good value and great service – you know who I’m talking about, my beloved Amazon.

As if I needed another reason to love the familiar Amazon brown boxes, one has come along this week in the shape of a parcel from…well lets just say…another company. It was a large box, totally incapable of being hidden, with a rather helpful picture and the name of the product on the outside. ‘Have I spoilt the surprise?’ asked the courier – too right you have!

I know that it’s entirely practical to have the product description on the outside of the box plus it makes great marketing sense to have your brand visible to potential customers at every available moment. I also appreciate that it would add considerable cost for additional packaging to disguise the product within. In fact, operationally, I can’t think of one good reason why you would not want a product picture and desciption on the outside of the box. From a customer service perspective though, I can think of many.

Understanding everything about your customer, including how and why they purchase your products, is a crucial part of your marketing. It’s hard to cover every eventuality, but if you can stand out from the crowd by thinking through the detail of your processes and making them as customer friendly as possible, you will surely find a loyal base of repeat customers who love to buy from you.

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