Information overload: get your marketing message right

I often get asked how long a sales letter, email, newsletter, or in fact any type of marketing communication should be. And, as soon as I start to say… ‘well, that depends’… I see a flicker of  ‘ oh why isn’t anything straight forward?’ flash into view.

You will know for yourself that you will read any amount of information on a subject you are really passionate about. The same is true if the information is relevant to you at a particular time; I will read endless travel destination reviews when I am looking to book a holiday, but not at any other time in the year.

The starting point is to know your target audience and identify the point at which they will be most interested in receiving information about the product or service that you are selling. It will also depend upon the relationship you have with your client. Generally speaking, the warmer the relationship, the more time and attention your client will be willing to give you and your marketing.

Remember though, this doesn’t give you carte blanche to bore your clients to death with the wonders of your glorious new technologically advanced elastic band! So, however exciting you think your product is, see it from your customer’s point of view and go easy on the marketing copy.

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