Tell your customers what they want to hear

Everything about this gorgeous packaging tells me exactly what I’m going to find inside; luxurious, high quality milk chocolate! From the colour and glossy finish, to the gold embossed wording and  product photograph, it is beautifully and cleverly designed.

Just one thing puzzles me though. Why, in the prime position on this lovely wrapper, does it shout 31% Cacao? Granted there are rules surrounding product packaging, but surely placing some random fact about one of the ingredients top right is not wholly necessary?

I love chocolate. I like the taste. I like some brands better than others…but I couldn’t tell you the ‘percentage cocoa content’ of any of them. Perhaps I’m in the minority and customer research shows that cocoa content in a crucial factor when it comes to choice of chocolate? I think not though. 

In any form of marketing communication, be it a business to business proposal or a consumer advertisement, think about what information is relevant to your customers. Turn your product features (what your product is ) into benefits (what your product does for your customers). It is an age-old concept and a well-worn path for those of us with a sales background – but it works.

So here is your challenge. Come up with a benefit statement for each of your product or service features. Use your benefits in your marketing communications rather than a list of facts that will, at best, be ignored and could even confuse potential customers.


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