Know your target market

A small business client passed me a piece of direct mail they had received a couple of days ago. A good quality piece, strong message, clear call to action. So what made it so utterly fruitless as a marketing communication?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of direct mail – I’ve seen it  rise and fall in popularity over the years and have always maintained that the label ‘junk mail’ is not altogether fair (though I admit that in far too many cases it is perfectly justified). It’s not enough though to have a well designed mailing piece, as with any marketing communication, it needs hit the right audience – your target market. Those potential customers that need or want your product.

So why send a nicely crafted mailing piece about commercial waste services to a small service business which is likely to have no more ‘commercial waste’ than a few bent paperclips?

Direct mail can work as part of a well thought through business to business marketing campaign but will only be effective if all the elements are right. Defining and understanding you target audience in detail is fundamental to developing any good marketing communication and is well worth taking the time to analyse and articulate as part of your  marketing plan.

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